5 tips for using astrology in your home decoration

Astrology is increasingly present in everyday life, but in less traditional ways. The matter already breaks some more or less prejudiced barriers, thus becoming a trend. For example, astrology is an increasingly popular topic, when combined with interior decoration list of omens.

Using astrology in the decoration of the house translates into attention to detail and some creativity. Fortunately, you already find enough materials and items that you can use at home, in specialty stores.

5 tips for using astrology in house decoration

1. Constellations on the walls

The signs are associated with the different constellations, or sets of stars, identified and visible from Earth. The use of decals to decorate ceilings and walls is an excellent use of this aspect of astrology. For example, in a child’s room, use a caliber corresponding to the constellation of the sign, which shines in the dark.

Another idea is a use of the phases of the moon, in an illustration, picture, or also in stickers. The decorative elements surrounding the sun attract good energies.

2. Lamps

In tracking items that glow in the dark, another idea to use astrological elements in the decoration of your home, are lamps. You can do it in a subtle and elegant way.

Choose elements such as moons, the sun, the animal corresponding to the sign or even the color. These ideas give a particularly elegant touch when we talk about ceiling lamps or bedside tables.

3. Themed bedding

When renewing bedding for the next season, think about using something more themed. You can bet again on the constellations, on elements that have to do with the sun, the moon or the stars. Do a search for cushions with your sign, for example.

4. Himalayan salt lamps

In addition to being aesthetically beautiful, salt lamps provide enough protection. They are natural lamps, promoting total lighting, thanks to the optical properties of the mineral.

The crystals are removed from the ground directly, in the mountain range that gives them the name, between Nepal and China. In addition to contributing to balance the space they are in, they contribute to the reduction of migraines, the strengthening of the immune system and the fight against allergies.

5. Colored candles

Candles are the decorative element par excellence. If you use them regularly, take the opportunity to buy the color associated with your sign. In addition to giving a special touch, you are using something that has to do with you.