Electronic commerce: 5 tips to increase your sales

Peru has been reaching an important participation in the digital business thanks to the fact that the retail and technological sectors have developed initiatives to activate online commerce, such as Cyber ​​Days, and according to the World Electronic Commerce Index the percentage of Internet penetration in Peru It reached 68% in 2018.

Similarly, data from the sector shows that about 31% of Peruvians have made a virtual purchase in the last 12 months. Faced with this scenario, the general manager of Bsale, Gustavo Montero, points out five tips to make the most of online sales:

1. Integration of physical and virtual stores

Electronic commerce in Peru is growing at an approximate rate of 30% per year. For Gustavo Montero, the key is to use both channels: digital and physical, and thus be able to reach more potential customers. In addition, this integration should facilitate the purchase, as well as use strategies to implement online purchase and store withdrawal ali express.

2. Automate processes

To work in the digital world, you must print speed to the processes, so the specialist ensures that there are many ways to streamline different aspects of a business. For example, there are tools that help automate inventory, with which the entrepreneur optimizes and improves his time.

3. Use the most appropriate channels

According to the specialist you can use multiple channels such as e-commerce (online store), marketplace (example: Free Market and Amazon) and social networks (Facebook, Instagram, twitter and Pinterest), you just have to study where exactly your customers are located and through which channels do they buy from?

4. Keep the user informed

Customers need to know everything that happens during the purchase process: product status, purchase order, real-time tracking, etc. Thus, the user generates more confidence with the brand. Companies like Linio use WhatsApp to keep their customers informed.

5. Do not close physical stores

Users prefer to see the products before buying them, so the specialist’s recommendation is that the physical stores are not closed, but that the virtual space is an extension and support of the traditional store.

Finally, Gustavo Montero says that the digitalization of business is a process that is not opposed to traditional stores, but should serve as a complement and help so that the merchant can reach more consumers.