Food Or Exercise – Which is the Best Stomach Fat Burner?

With all the overflow of “do this do that” weight loss hype out there, most people are left totally confused in their search to find the best stomach fat burners. Many people are totally focused on losing belly fat alone and want to really zero in on that part of their body, and the fitness and diet industry isn’t providing many clear answers.
The main reason for this lack of clarity is simple. There is simply no one food you can eat or one specific exercise that you can do that will guarantee fat loss in the abs area specifically. The only thing that is ever going to help someone reach their goal of a flat stomach is to combine the right foods with the right exercise.
Research has shown that repetitive routines of crunches and sit-ups actually do very little on their own to reduce belly bulge. Many people, in fact, found that their stomachs were getting bigger from doing targeted abs exercises, because they weren’t losing fat they were just building muscle underneath it!
In order to burn fat you have to rev up your metabolism, and believe it or not, that can be accomplished both with food and with exercise. Put those two things together in the right combination and you have a dynamite formula for targeting belly fat loss.