The Smart T Shirts and the Smartest Options for Customization

T-shirt has ceased to be only a garment. It turned into an advertising medium, a propaganda tool, a way to express a personal attitude to the world around it.Well, if you’re personal vision coincides with the opinion of the majority. You can easily find the right T-shirt in any store. What if nothing like it? You can order the manufacture of special t-shirts for you personally. For this, the manufacturer uses a sublimation print. This method has excellent quality of the finished print. He is not afraid of water, light, withstands up to 50 washes.

Artists of this service offer ready-made T-shirt blanks. They can be of any color, but more often black or white. To choose a decent manufacturer, decide what should be a good T-shirt for sublimation. You can order for the t shirt designing right here.

Ideal for printing – white blank

The dye penetrates the fabric and blends with it. If the blank is colored, there is a chance that the colors of the pattern will be greatly distorted. How your t-shirt will turn out depends only on the will of the occasion.

  • The image is applied to synthetic fabric. It must contain at least 80% polyester. This is important because when the content of this component is low, the image will fade after the first wash.
  • There are two options for fabric. Smooth fabric consists of 100% polyester. Its disadvantage is that after processing a trace of sublimation paper remains, which is not very beautiful. The fabric is too fusible and when heated, the paper is literally imprinted into it. It is used for the manufacture of promotional clothing as an inexpensive solution for a short period of operation.
  • Fabric containing cotton is more expensive, but provides a neat, bright, durable print. The only minor drawback: the hairiness of the fabric slightly lubricates the image. But this moment is difficult to determine with the naked eye.
  • Best for personal needs is a two-layer fabric. Its outer layer is 100% polyester, and from the inside it is lined with cotton. It turns out a T-shirt with a clear image of a nice body fabric.

When ordering an urgent print on T-shirts, consider the ability of knitwear to stretch. After some time, the drawing will begin to deform. This property turns into an advantage with the help of a competent print.  You can go for the t shirt supplier now.

Especially on women’s t-shirts

Despite the fact that today the choice of t-shirts with ready-made prints can shake even a worldly-wise and restless dreamer. Despite the opportunity to look original and not to lose their individuality even when choosing from the existing range, sometimes there is an unbearable desire, or even the need to get a T-shirt with its individual, exclusive design, lettering, slogan, motto. In the end, sometimes the print may be arranged, but the T-shirt itself is not.

Let’s understand, so that your choice would be conscious and correct in the future, which means that it would exclude such “joys” of life as wasted money and spoiled mood.Such qualities depend on unobvious factors, and by their appearance, it’s not easy to make sure that the manufacturer’s statements are so reliable.