Shakeology Review & Testimonials

If you look around the web for Shakeology review, you’ll find a predominantly positive response. The majority of those who try the product stick with it because it produces impressive results. The favorable responses far outweigh the negative ones.


Walt S., 43, testifies that he combined Shakeology with P90X workouts and lost 8 pounds in his first week. He then proceeded to lose an astonishing 163 more pounds. At first, Walt was concerned that the product wouldn’t jive with his current diet that was low in carbohydrates, calories and fat. His doctor recommended Shakeology, stating that it is similar to consuming a cup of mixed berries but much healthier. Walt now considers chocolate flavored Shakeology to be his guilty pleasure even though the shake is actually a health food.

Alison S., 38, combined Shakeology with Chalean Extreme and obtained spectacular results. She dropped 6 dress sizes and lose a total of 62 pounds. Alison struggled with constipation for years and credits Shakeology for improving her digestion. She notes that she feels heavy and bloated on the days that she does not consume Shakeology. Although Alison has never been much of a vegetable eater, she has taken to Shakeology because it doesn’t have the bland taste of greens.

Jessica L., 27, cut 14 inches off of her waist and lost 83 pounds after incorporating Shakeology into her diet. She admits that nutrition has never been one of her strengths but Shakeology altered her dietary habits. Jessica credits the drink with eliminating her cravings for candy and fast food. She notes that her energy has reached an all-time high and she has remarkable mental clarity. Jessica also points out that Shakeology has improved her digestion and regularity as well.

Chris R. lost 10 pounds and eliminated 9 percent of his body fat after incorporating Shakeology and Insanity. He transformed himself from a lazy couch surfer to an energetic jogger. He replaces a full meal each day with Shakeology and credits the drink for building his body back up to the point where he can compete in triathlons. It wasn’t too long ago that Chris couldn’t jog a full two miles.

Jolie D., a 54 year old teacher, dropped 43 pounds thanks to Shakeology and Les Mills Pump. Her waist size shrunk by 7 inches and she has much more bounce in her step these days. She used to suffer from an inability to concentrate and remember things. Jolie credits Shakeology for improving her mental clarity. She no longer needs to nap in the afternoon. Nor does she crave foods full of simple carbohydrates. Jolie even says that her hot flashes disappeared after she incorporated Shakeology into her life.

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