When my coach ordered that I have one greens drink per day, I didn’t realise how nasty tasting a ‘natural’ one would be! I first opted for bulk powders ‘complete greens’ and I wouldn’t be exaggerating in saying I would DREAD having to drink it all day! It replicated a glass of water with every herb in the kitchen sprinkled inside and would leave me heaving!

After that experience I was sceptical that any greens drink could taste half decent! When Shop4Supplements offered me a tub of their Amazing Grass review, before listing all of the flavours, I thought I would give a green drinks another go; I am a big believer in second chances after all… I first tried the ‘lemon and lime energise’ Greens and although it’s not lemon cordial, the lemon and lime essence definitely shines through!

I would wake up looking forward to drinking my greens, and would sip them throughout the day. Aside from the HUGE health benefits from drinking greens; my skin rapidly began to clear of any blemishes and my energy levels shot through the roof!

Furthermore when dieting down for a bikini competition, drinking the greens through the days allowed me to stay full and crave less! Weather you struggle to eat your 5 a day or just want to improve skin, health and happiness I couldn’t recommend any more to try ‘Amazing Grass’ greens drink!

Article Source : https://shop4supplements.co.uk/blogs/shop4supplements-blog/amazing-grass-green-superfood-review