Do you want to enter the wonderful world of online clothing stores but you still don’t dare?

Don’t worry, we give you 5 infallible tips to buy clothes online and don’t fail in the attempt boutique clothes.

Say goodbye to fear and hello to that new outfit!

  1. Measurements and more measures
    One of your essential tools is a tape measure . So dust it off and get it out of the bottom of the drawer, and if you don’t have one, you’re too late to buy one. She will be your best ally, when it comes to knowing how to choose your ideal size .

Measure the circumference of your bust, waist, hips , and if your height exceeds (1.70 cm) also measure the length of your legs.

Take note of these basic measurements and ALWAYS compare them to the online store’s size chart.

  1. How to take measurements correctly?
    Bust: place the tape on the most prominent part of your bust, the tape has to be tight, not loose, not tight.

Waist: measures the smallest area, generally at the level of the navel or a little higher.

Hip: measure the circumference at the roundest height of your butt, making sure it is aligned with the hip.

Legs: distance between your crotch and your ankle (to avoid buying pants that are too short).

  1. Old acquaintances
    If you are buying clothes from a well-known brand and you have one or more items, we recommend that you try on those pieces to confirm the size that fits you.

If you want to buy clothes from a brand that is familiar to you but does not yet have items from this brand, check their size chart very carefully, it is very important to have this information at hand.

  1. Make new friends
    If you are going to buy clothes from a brand that is totally new to you, it is best to check and read the reviews they have in their online store. You can also Google the brand and find out what its customers think.
  2. Clear accounts, long and happy friendships
    Every reliable and safe online store has exchange and return policies , because this section gives you clear elements to know how to act in these situations. If you do not have this section, leave the store.