Instagram is, without doubt, one of our favorite photography applications. The app has millions of users, who share their moments and their art with everyone. However, although uploading photos to Instagram is simple, uploading them with the highest quality is not so great, and that is why we are here today cheap instagram likes.

We’re going to show you the best tricks to make good pictures on Instagram , so stay tuned. These are some very simple tips that will make your photographic results improve exponentially.

Use the vertical format

It is true that, many times, we take pictures in horizontal format, as it usually fits more information about the landscape, people and other elements of the scene . However, there is a basic rule studied in photography, which forces us to take photographs in vertical format to obtain good results in social networks.

When shooting in vertical format, the picture appears much larger in the timeline, and stays longer in the field of view, since you have to scroll to see it whole. This increases your chances of receiving a like, and turns the picture into something more surprising. Yes, size matters, and on Instagram even more.

Watch the light of photography

Photography is light, so if you do not take care of the lighting conditions of your photo, you will have several problems. The first is that smartphones generate a lot of noise, and no one likes to see a photograph with grain. The key to succeed on Instagram is taking care of the light of the photos, this will make them look much sharper, and be easier to edit later.

A luminous photo, allows you to increase detail, sharpness and contrast in the Instagram editor itself. These are some of the most useful editing effects, so do not neglect the light at any time.

Edit your photos

Either in the own editor of Instagram, or with third-party applications, always try to edit your photos. You may have taken a picture and like it as it has been, but editing is always a good thing, if we do it in the right way. In general, there are some basic parameters that are edited yes or yes, so take a list of them.

  • Contrast
  • Temperature
  • Blacks
  • Shades
  • Sharpness

Apart from this, the option to mitigate on Instagram is something vital . With it, we get to “wash” the image, getting a somewhat film effect that is pretty cool. Try using this option to mitigate, as not many users know it and gives an incredible look to the photographs.

Use the grid

The vast majority of camera applications have a grid, so do not forget to use it before taking a photo for Instagram . Although we are capable of framing an image for ourselves, the grid will always do better than us, it is a reality.

In fact, when looking through the viewfinder of a reflex camera we have certain indicators to know that the photograph is focused, so do not hesitate a minute to use this function included in your phone. You will see how your photos have greater harmony and symmetry!

Do not use the flash, no matter what happens

The use of flash on mobile phones should be limited to using it as a flashlight, since taking photos with this flash is … Horrible. A smartphone is not an SLR, in which we can expose both the background and the main object. If you make a flash photograph of an object, it will be illuminated with a very artificial light, and a dirty black background that is not visual at all.

If you are partying or in some poorly lit place, ingest them to make the photo with the light that there is. Photographing a group of people with flash makes the picture look horrible, and this is something that looks bad on Instagram.


As you can see, making good photos for Instagram is not difficult. You just have to have a little imagination and follow the simple tips that we have shown you. Taking care of the composition, the editing and the light, you should be able to conquer all your followers with your magnificent photographs.