Funeral flower arrangements
These are the floral arrangements that are most used at a funeral:

  • Funeral wreath: it is the most used floral arrangement at a funeral to express condolences to family members and pain for the deceased person. The flowers are arranged in a circular manner symbolizing eternity.
  • Flower centers: they are characterized by their conical shape and, depending on the flowers are arranged, the centers can be horizontal or vertical funeral flowers.
  • Cross of flowers: In this type of arrangement, the flowers are placed in the shape of a cross to conceal the deceased. It is a traditional option in Christian farewells to express condolences to the family of the deceased.
  • Bouquets and palms of flowers: they are usually placed on the coffin of the deceased and a predominant color and an appropriate type of flower must be chosen.
  • Pillows: this type of funeral floral arrangement is very elegant to send our condolences. They can be placed on top of the coffin at the funeral home or during the farewell ceremony.