In all honesty, the only one hundred percent foolproof method for how to pass a drug test coming your way is… abstinence. If you’re lucky enough to get an extremely early notice that you will be being tested for some reason, you might have a chance at success with simply putting the herb down until it’s over and done with. You’ll have even better chances of course if you’re not a very regular smoker and reserve it for weekends only or something. In the vast majority of cases though it’d be quite counterintuitive for whoever is testing you to advise you of it. If you’ve been smoking regularly for years, you simply don’t stand a chance by just quitting smoking for a couple weeks. Depending on how important to you it is to pass that drug test, you might need to take on a few riskier methods, but some unique products can help you through it.

First of all you need to check out The Incognito Belt. Offered online at, this thing is a remarkable example of human ingenuity. An apparatus wraps around your waist and holds a pouch containing synthetic urine which comes with it. It’s ‘gravity operated’ and the ‘urine’ simply passes through a rubber tube from out your pants, so as to realistically mimic the sound of legitimately peeing. The company boasts a 200% double-your-money-back guarantee that their products will work when the instructions are followed to a tee. There is a bit of mixing to do with powders and liquids, but for the most part it’s quite simple.

The Incognito Belt thought of everything, right down to heat pads to place against the pouch beforehand so as to let their synthetic urine solution reach the average temperature urine usually is. This product is especially relevant for anyone anxious about how to pass a drug test in a workplace environment. For anything more security intensive, a more solid plan of action may be required. The Grasscity forums are a great place to start looking at the countless detailed anecdotes of people’s experiences with various products like this. There’s even some highly detailed walkthroughs of how to get through every step of the process, from arriving to work and leaving later that night.