Kitchen shelves and cabinets – one of the main elements of the kitchen space. Buying kitchen sets, Kitchen shelves and cabinets-An Overview Articles we usually encounter the same problem: lack of space. How to choose kitchen cabinets to most effectively plan for the situation? On this you learn from this article. Kitchen cabinets are floor, wall and corner Kitchen Cabinets. Outdoor kitchen cabinets – is the main part of the working space. That they should be most of the dishes, appliances, products and equipment. Choosing a floor for the kitchen cabinet, pay attention to its construction. In good cabinet should be a lot of drawers, easily moving on roller hinges. Dimensions of floor cupboards, hinged and angular, are determined primarily by the parameters of the kitchen. Choosing a kitchen, carefully measure the room. Note the location and size of pipes, ventilation units, and various projections. The height of the cabinet depends on your convenience. It is on the floor kitchen cabinets is the working surface. When cooking a person spends a lot of time working surface. Its height should be such as to not have to bend down and back ached.

Wall-mounted kitchen cabinets are usually equipped with a large number of partitions. The more divisions in the cabinet, the easier it is to place in them is necessary. Standard dimensions for kitchen cabinets is equal to 60×60 cm (height and depth). The height of the hinged kitchen cabinets depends on the growth of the mistress, and size of household appliances, which she enjoys. Thus, the height of kitchen shelves and cabinets should be such that one would be convenient to get any object. We should not hang the cabinets too low, since they are usually placed under the used appliances. Assemble the drawers, if they are included with the cabinet. The box is going for the same technology as the cabinet body. Go to the bottom drawer on each side attach the inner side of the rails. Place the box in place and make sure that all parts of the same, and the box is easy to move.

Check the horizontal level, and attach the countertop to the cross member by means of screws. If you collect a set of several cabinets, united by a common top, start to build a cabinet and countertop extreme place only after collecting all set. Attach the hinges to the door furniture. The manufacturer shall make an appropriate markup. Then install the furniture hinge cup in round grooves on the inside of the side wall. While supporting the door, the door screws attach to the body. Make sure that doors navesheny evenly between them and the case is no gap. If necessary, adjust the door, twisting the adjusting screw on the hinges. Corner kitchen cabinets most often are made with open shelves. Because of them more convenient to get the content. On the open shelves put what you use most often. For example, spices and cloth. In closed offices conveniently stored cereals, appliances, pots and pans, cleaning products. Also in the corner kitchen cabinets are built-in rotating shelves (so-called “carousel”). They allow you to maximize the space of the cabinet. When choosing kitchen shelves and cabinets look for additional construction. For example, a sliding board for appliances, countertop drawers, containers for food, narrow shelves for bottles, special walls for the plates and cutlery trays. These devices significantly expand the functionality of kitchen furniture and save space.