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Lift Your Libido by Lifting Weights

With all the hype about body building, balanced diets, and healthy living, it isn’t a wonder why these factors are always connected with a man’s sexual health. There may be dozens of products in the market that aim to make a guy manlier, sexier, and more virile in bed. But the truth is, it can all start with creating better fitness habits!

Take a look at the aspect of exercise, particularly weight lifting and best male enhancement pills. Did you know that adding this regimen to your daily fitness routine can boost your libido and possibly improve your sex life? It is a matter of hormones – testosterone to be exact – and regular exercise can boost the levels of this male sex hormone. The more testosterone your body has, the better your libido will be.

What are the symptoms of low testosterone levels?

The Journal of Family Practice (JPF) stated in an article about the dangers of having low testosterone levels, which is applicable for both men and women. Behaviorally, one can expect the patient to be depressed, irritable, and easily susceptible to stress. In terms of body changes, people who have low testosterone tend to gain more body fat, feel weaker or less energetic, and may have mild anemia.

There are also sexual factors that are greatly affected by abnormal hormone levels. For men, this can lead to a decreased volume of ejaculate, erectile dysfunction, and of course, an overall decrease in libido. For women, low testosterone translates to lower sexual sensitivity and even difficulty achieving orgasm.

How does weight lifting help?

Lifting weights is only one type of workout that can boost testosterone levels., however, explains that testosterone can increase if the workout routine is well planned and is appropriate for the person doing it. The important thing to note is to avoid overdoing it, as this can not only contribute to injury but can also affect the body’s hormone levels.

The same report from AskMen states that weight training also increases your strength and endurance. These are two factors that are vital when it comes to having sex. If you’re not strong enough or if you can’t keep up, then your partner will definitely notice it.

What other treatments can increase testosterone in the body?

The JPF report mentioned that a deficiency in zinc affects testosterone production. So it is recommended to supplement the diet with added zinc. This can either be through diet or with the help of pills.

In other cases, testosterone replacement therapy is necessary. These are a series of procedures that aim to boost the levels of the hormone in the body, and it is done with men and women alike. Examples of some medications that are used include topical gels, transdermal patches, and also oral medicines.

AOL Health recommends changing some aspects of lifestyle to avoid any dangers that can harm hormone levels in the body. For instance, choosing to buy organic products instead of those containing pesticides is a smart way to safeguard men’s health. Even chemicals like dioxins and polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) present in various products like rubber, some types of water, and gardening products, can affect male fertility, so it is best to be wary of them.

Currently, many scientific groups are exploring alternative methods for increasing testosterone levels in humans. Most studies are done on laboratory animals, to safely assess the effectiveness of such treatments. The Brazilian Journal of Urology reported a study where tribulus alatus extracts helped improve testosterone in rats.

Remember, nobody is getting any younger. And as scientific sources explain, testosterone levels naturally tend to decrease with age. So it is nigh time to get active, live healthier, and do something about it! Your sex life is at stake.

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