If you consider yourself a foodie and you love to travel, Lima Gastronomy: Where To Eat While On Vacation Articles you absolutely have to experience a Lima gastronomy tour. This city in Peru is known for having an amazing selection of restaurants from local cafes, to romantic restaurants that are ideal for an intimate meal for two. Before you hop on a plane, plan where to eat during your Lima vacations.

Songoro Cosongo

If you’re in between Lima tours and are looking for a place to enjoy great food and family service, pay a visit to Songoro Cosongo sushi. It is located near the Puente de los Suspiros and the family that owns the restaurant actually lives directly in the back of the building. It’s truly a family experience, and many visitors report that the owners themselves stop by each table to ensure that guests are enjoying their meals. The food is traditional and includes dishes such as ceviche, sudado de pescado and pisco sour. Sonogoro Cosongo also offers guests the opportunity to order a sampler platter so they can take full advantage of all the different types of foods that this Lima gastronomy experience offers.

Central Restaurante

If you’re looking for Peruvian food in an upscale setting, Central Restaurante should be on your list. If you haven’t been able to try Peruvian cuisine before, definitely choose the daily menu. This allows guests to sample eight different dishes, however the menu isn’t inexpensive. Expect to pay nearly $90 a person, plus extra for wine from the restaurant’s extensive wine list. The wait staff mainly speaks Spanish, however if you’re not fluent and you don’t have your phrasebook handy, they do a good job of explaining the dishes. It’s best to make a reservation — Central Restaurante is quite popular with both tourists and locals alike so it can get quite crowded.

Pescados Capitales

Because of the city’s close proximity to the ocean, Lima travel isn’t complete without a trip to some of the city’s seafood restaurants. Pescados Capitales is one of the most well-known ones. If you’re here, consider trying the grilled octopus, pulpa or the shrimp causa. Your meal will not come cheap, with drinks you can expect to spend around $100 per person. However, many visitors report that the price is well worth it. If possible, try to get a seat on the outdoor terrace — it’s a perfect spot to linger over lunch and enjoy the weather.

Other Places For Your Lima Gastronomy Vacation

These three restaurants aren’t the only ones you should visit in between Lima tours. Other popular eateries include Astrid y Gaston, Pampa de Amancaes, and El Pez Amigo. If you’re missing sushi, visit Edo Sushi Bar or El Mercado, while Guru Kebab & Curry is the place to go for Indian food. There are hundreds of restaurants in the city, which means visitors can find nearly any type of cuisine to fit their moods, whether they’re looking for an upscale place to enjoy a quiet celebration or a boisterous café.