Before interviewing prospective nannies, first determine which nanny services you will require, such as help with child care versus finding one to help with the cooking and cleaning as well. Also, determine when you would ideally like them to begin work nanny services near me. These things are essential to consider when it comes to hiring a nanny.


Each family has specific needs as well as child care requirements. The first step is to determine how much time you will need one around the house, whether that be part-time or full-time. Obviously, a full-time nanny will cost more. Most full-time nannies live in-home, so you would need space to accommodate them. Plus, you’d need to determine their work schedule since nannies need time off too.

Benefits of a full-time nanny include longer work hours and the ability to provide more complete child care since they are living in-home. It is possible to negotiate room and board as part of their pay. If you opt for one that works in-home yet leaves daily, the costs will be somewhat less since they would not be working at night.

A part-time nanny may be a great fit for those looking for someone to help after school and until bedtime, or during the day for younger kids. Part-time nannies come into the home and provide child care as you define during the time they are there. The cost of a part-time nanny is lower and they generally do not live in-home.

House Cleaning

Many people assume that if they have a nanny they will provide in-home cleaning services in addition to child care. However, this is generally not the role of a traditional nanny. If you feel that these things go together, you will need to speak with them prior to hiring. It may cost more to find one that will handle the housekeeping as well.

The Reality of a Nanny

When hiring a nanny, make sure you set realistic expectations. They are not a replacement for the parent. They won’t completely manage the household, such as cleaning, cooking and chores such as grocery shopping. Instead, their job is to take care of the child.

During the interview process, discuss your requirements and interests with prospective nannies. Things that you think are standard duties should be addressed. Set clear expectations for everyone’s benefit.