To have a trained dog , the first thing you have to get is quality information that allows you to achieve your goals. If you want to have a trained dog you will need to respect some rules, otherwise the result will not be very good. In this article from Training Dogs Barcelona we will give you some essential keys to get a trained Dog trainer spring Texas.

Tips for having a trained dog

1) Have quality information

Today there are many books on training. You can also find quality information on this blog or by getting help from a professional trainer. This way you can learn the different techniques, the optimal ways to communicate with your dog and how it works.

2) Have the right material

To achieve good results in training your dog, you will need minimal material. For example, a collar, a short leash, a long leash and treats (food usually works very well). It is the minimum material to be able to train your dog.

3) Always start with the dog on a leash

If you work from the beginning with your dog loose, you will not be able to explain to him in an efficient way how to do each exercise. You need to have long and short leashes to be able to control your dog. This way if they make a mistake you can easily help them rectify it.

4) Change places frequently

You have to change places frequently when working with your dog. If you only work in one place, your dog will think that he must obey only in this place. Dogs have difficulty generalizing and that is why you have to change places several times to prepare your dog to listen to you anywhere.

5) Work with distractions

You have to go to places where there are distractions to prepare your dog. If you don’t, it will only obey you in quiet places.

6) Be consistent

If you want to communicate well with your dog and make progress quickly, you have to be clear with him. He means that if today he has to sit still until he waits for your signal to get up, he will always have to wait for your signal. If you sometimes ask him to wait for your signal to get up and other times you let him get up without your permission, he will never be able to learn the exercise correctly.

7) Be constant

To have good obedience you have to work regularly with your dog. 2 to 3 times a week doing a 30 minute training should be enough to teach any obedience exercise or maintain your dog’s training.

8) Use rewards

If you want good results, you must give your dog treats. This way he will have a good predisposition to work with you. Otherwise you will have little interest in doing the exercises. As you learn the exercises you can progressively reduce the rewards with a reward reduction program.

9) Work with joy

You have to work with joy when training your dog. It’s not worth losing patience or getting angry with him. If you don’t experience a negative experience, you won’t be as motivated.

10) Raise the level progressively

You have to raise the level of the exercises progressively so that your dog does not become demotivated and can progress quickly. A good trick to know if what you ask of your dog is too difficult for him is to count the good responses and the bad ones. In good training there must be a proportion of 80% good responses and 20% bad responses. If the ratio is the opposite, then you are asking your dog for something too difficult and you need to lower the difficulty of the exercise.