Perhaps one of the biggest myths surrounding pet ownership is the inability to keep one if the space isn’t adequate. In this sense, a large dog is usually seen by others as a creature that needs a huge space to be comfortable Dog trainer spring Texas.

Any other type of alternative is seen as cruelty by society. However, this belief could not be further from reality.

Although there are dog breeds that do better in apartment life, size is not a factor that affects the dog training process .

The task does not have to be heavy if you know what you are doing. Do you have a large dog in your apartment?

Would you love to purchase one? In Apréndete we give you some tricks to train a large dog in a small apartment.

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Tips for training a large dog in a small apartment
Before learning about our tips for training a large dog that lives in a small house, remember that if you want to learn more about the dog universe, all you have to do is take a look at the post in which we talk about the seven most curious dog breeds .

Make sure animals are allowed
The first thing you should keep in mind before making the decision to buy a dog is to review the terms of your contract in case you are renting.

Currently, there are apartments that allow pets inside the home, but there are also many property owners who strictly prohibit it.

Depending on the floor and size of the apartment, the condominium may allow you to acquire a pet, but these are special cases.

Before adopting a puppy, make sure that you do so without inflicting any terms on the conditions of coexistence.

If you acquire a pet, you not only change your life, but that of your neighbors, especially during the first weeks of training.

Exercise is essential
The key to training a big dog in a small house is to have his energy full for when it’s time to stay home.

A large dog has amounts of energy that must be exhausted so that its health does not suffer.

That is why you have to do everything possible so that every day he can take a walk somewhere where it is possible to run, play and release adrenaline.

The recommended duration is at least 30 minutes a day. If you feel that you are not capable of carrying out this simple trick, it is best to reconsider purchasing a dog for the sake of your health and that of the dog .

In case you have already acquired it, it is important that you try to follow this advice and take your dog for a walk for at least half an hour every day.

If you still can’t, seek help from a neighbor who can accomplish this task or use the services of a dog walker .

Pay attention
Large dogs have the characteristic of being very sociable animals, and for this reason they require a large part of our attention.

Take time when you get home from work to play with him and try throwing toys or doing another activity from the couch.

Petting him while you watch TV is also a good idea.

Surely when you see that happy face to see you, many of your worries disappear and your stress levels gradually reduce.

Your pet’s health will depend on how well you treat it, not the size of your home.

Create a routine
This should be basic knowledge for anyone who is willing to have a pet, since routines are important for training.

If you designate the times when he should eat, play, sleep and walk, your dog will adapt to his life in his enclosed space.

Remember, however, that dog training is a long process.

If you spend long hours away from home, designate a trusted person who can take care of your pet and also keep in mind that the bigger the dog, the more food it will need to eat.

Organize your home according to your pet
If the size of your house really worries you, visualize the place where your dog can walk freely: where it should go to the bathroom, where it can lie down, which is the favorite place to play, in which room you will train it…

We are talking about an animal whose instinct is to have a territory. There are various breeds of large dogs that live happily when they are in the same place all day resting, but for that it is important that you prepare a place where they feel comfortable.

These are some of the tips that you should follow to train a large dog in a small apartment and ensure that both you and your family can live happily and enjoy excellent health.

Once you have made sure that all these aspects are covered, you can start your training so that the dog follows orders and abides by them perfectly.

Don’t forget that it will also be important for you to find out which dog breeds usually live in small apartments, as this could make your life easier and help you avoid putting the health of your next pet at risk.