No, Botox won’t make your face freeze, fall off, or keep your skin baby smooth for your entire life. Here are five myths about the popular wrinkle eliminator.

Since Botox has hit the mainstream and has become common for not only celebrities but the average person as well, Botox – 5 Myths and the Truth Behind Them Articles there have been many rumors spread about the injectable botox 3 areas for £150 london. Don’t believe everything you read about Botox unless you’re sure it’s from a reliable source. Here are some of the most common myths and rumors surrounding this popular cosmetic procedure.

My Face Will Freeze

Many people have heard horror stories of Botox “freezing” or turning a face waxen so it can’t create natural expressions. In order to display emotions, you need muscle flexibility, which results in a bit of wrinkles. While using too much Botox can cause a temporary “plastic” appearance to the face, a skilled surgeon knows the correct amount necessary to eliminate unwanted wrinkles while keeping the muscles active enough to create natural facial expressions. Even in the worst case scenario where you are over injected with Botox, the results are still temporary and will fade within the following weeks until the muscles in your face move freely again.

It Can Prevent Wrinkles

There are many mixed ideas surrounding the use of preventative Botox, even among plastic surgeons and physicians. It appears, though, that Botox may be able to delay the development of wrinkles, and certainly temporarily smoothes them. But there is no stopping the reason for wrinkles in the first place which is your face’s natural muscle movements. Unless you are able to remain completely expressionless for a lifetime, it is doubtful that your face will be completely line free forever.

It is only for Older Women

Botox isn’t just for older individuals. It can be quite helpful in other situations as well. For example for those who develop wrinkles prematurely or have other problems such as overactive sweat glands. Not only does Botox eliminate facial lines, but it can help block sweat glands and might even be able to help relieve tension headaches. Botox is suitable for anyone aged eighteen and over who has consulted with a qualified plastic surgeon. Men can also benefit from its use and male Botox clients are increasing.

Creams Work as Well

There is no facial cream or serum, regardless of price, ingredients, or claims, that can effectively eliminate wrinkles. These products merely sit on the surface of the skin and cannot be absorbed deep enough to stop the development of wrinkles. To stop wrinkles, they must either be filled or the muscles paralyzed in order for them to disappear, which Botox does. Don’t waste your money on creams and cosmetics that sound too good to be true because that is exactly what they are.

Other Fillers are Superior

There are many other injectables and fillers that are now on the market. While Botox may not be right for every patient, it still serves its place within cosmetic surgery and is sometimes the best option. There are downsides and positives to using it rather than other available fillers, so it is best to discuss what options are available and suitable for you with a qualified plastic surgeon.