Private Managed Network service takes care of encrypting and securing these connections so you don’t have any issues with connectivity or downtime.

The existence of VPN (Virtual private network) is now common,How a Private Managed Network Can Improve Your Business Articles but what is PMN (private managed network)? Just like a private computer network, the concept is very similar. What makes it different is that management and maintenance are performed by an outside party, not on-site IT personnel. Some experts have been using this type of technology for years to expand their businesses since it offers global connectivity, data security and reduces costs.

The Importance of Private Managed Network

This Private network is simply an Ethernet-based private data communications service that an outside PMN provider operates Remote Managed Services. The role of the managed network in business is to provide secure data communication and easy accessibility to the employees, partners and customers. In addition, it offers the opportunity to extend the life of existing infrastructure by putting a stop to WAN upgrades.

Benefits of Private Managed Networks

Secure than public WIFI:

Private managed networks are more reliable than public Wi-Fi because they have a private dedicated bandwidth. Oftentimes, these networks also boast switches and routers that ensure the data never travels over the open internet. On top of these, it offers 24/7 monitoring availability, which implies that the network is practically guaranteed not to go down due to overcrowding.

Data encryption with secured connections:

When an organisation’s data is encrypted, it means the user can safely communicate with their colleagues and clients without worrying about any third-party hacking. A Private IP Network provider ensures that the business communications stay safe from the outside world through a closed network and enables employees to communicate securely with one another, even if they are located in different offices around the world!

Round the clock support:

With more than 50% of data breaches last year being caused by malware, it is imperative that organisations take measures to protect their valuable information. Managed network providers can help keep networks protected with a variety of security features like identifying and blocking unknown access and are available 24/7 for emergencies!

Highly scalable:

The managed provider provides a flexible platform that can be easily upgraded and scaled. As a result, the needs of enterprises grow with time, which is why managed services prove to be so beneficial. A managed network offers scalable services, and the network can easily move from one technology (for example, MPLS) to another (for example, Ethernet), which makes a hassle-free process when considering upgrading the network!

Better bandwidth speed:

A private IP network is better for data privacy and faster internet speeds. PMN provider offers high-speed connections with a guarantee of minimal downtime so that companies can rest assured knowing that the network will be up when it matters most to you.

Conclusion: For many people, the idea of having a private managed network is appealing. A business owner who doesn’t want to worry about bandwidth limits or throttling can switch from public network to managed network.