“New year, new life”, we usually say around this time. But we don’t think that, perhaps, change should also reach the bedroom. Sex is an important facet of our lives and if we always practice it with the same person it is easy for it to end up buried by all our daily chores, becoming a boring and sporadic substitute for what was once a central activity of the relationship.

Making more love can be a great New Year’s resolution, but it will be of little use to try to increase the frequency if we do not introduce certain innovations that make the practice more interesting, otherwise we will return to the same dynamic “me down, you up.” ” and vice versa, which always ends up tiring BDSM Dungeon Seattle.

  1. Bet on ‘bondage’
    The term ‘bondage’, which we could literally translate as “slavery”, refers to all sexual practices that are based on the immobilization of the person’s body. Although it is framed in the sadomasochistic environment, it does not have to include any type of pain or humiliation, the key is to let ourselves be carried to areas that perhaps we would not go to if we were not tied. As Gigi says, “a little leather or some handcuffs can be just what you need to relax and heat up your sex life.”
  2. Focus on the testicles
    The testicles are a fairly unexplored part of the male genitalia , and there is no reason to leave them hanging. A trick that your partner won’t expect is to massage the testicles during intercourse, with a slow pace, something that is especially pleasant if the girl is on top. Now, don’t be too aggressive: this is a very delicate area and if you press too hard it can cause damage.
  3. Change roles
    Role-playing is a classic sexual practice that many people are afraid of, as it involves pretending to be someone you are not. And, yes, it is true, but sex is still partly a performance , and there is nothing wrong with wanting to change roles.
  4. Have a threesome
    Forming a threesome is one of the most common sexual fantasies. According to the Durex report on Sexual Wellbeing , it has crossed the minds of 23% of Spaniards. But, despite this, only a small percentage of the population has ever practiced it. Now, if you want to do it, you better be single or your partner is not involved, unless the third party in contention is a complete stranger. Mixing love, friendship and threesomes is not a good idea, since it is very difficult to avoid jealousy and paranoia, no matter how much fun you had during the act.
  5. Hit the Pegging
    Many men are scared at the idea of ​​practicing ‘pegging’ , which is nothing more than letting the woman, with the help of a harness, penetrate. It is an activity that is still taboo for many couples, but heterosexuals who have tried it (and have not been shy about confessing it) agree that the pleasure is infinite.
  6. Do the ‘cowgirl’ backwards
    The cowgirl position is none other than the classic “her on top” position, which everyone uses. But the ‘reverse cowgirl’ is much less common, despite being a particularly interesting position. The only thing the woman has to do is turn around: the man continues in the same position (lying on his back) but instead of looking towards him, the woman looks away, letting the lucky man have access to her ass (something which opens up infinite possibilities). The woman also has much more space to (returning to point two) play with the man’s genitals.
  7. Watch porn with your partner
    Watching porn with your lover is a fantastic way to get ideas to improve your sex life. It’s true that some of the things they do in the movies may be a bit fanciful, but many others are doable. And, in any case, it is not a bad preliminary to warm up the situation. And, just in case there are any doubts, Gigi makes something clear: “watching porn together is not going to ruin your relationship. It is healthy”.
  8. Buy flavored lubricant
    We all know that, at times, oral sex can be annoying for the giver, but with these lubricants the bad smell or taste that may be associated with this practice is immediately eliminated, taking the practice to another dimension. Now, it has one drawback: it is only useful for fellatio, as it can cause infections in the vagina.
  9. Stimulates the prostate
    Although 71% of heterosexual men confessed that they have tried or would try to massage their prostate , this male organ continues to be the great sexual taboo for them. The prostate is located at the root of the penis , in front of the rectum just below the bladder, and many men think that putting a finger in their ass is not for them. They don’t know what they’re missing: stimulation of this area makes orgasms much more intense.
  10. Use ice cubes
    Something as simple as an ice cube can elevate oral sex to another category, for him and her. The sensation of cold is a fantastic way to achieve bursts of pleasure that we will not achieve with the usual techniques.
  11. Look at the nipples
    The nipples, of men and women, are a particularly sensitive erogenous zone that we tend to neglect. All men tend to touch their breasts, but they don’t dwell on them enough. Sucking the nipples is very pleasurable for both sexes and is a luxurious preliminary.
  12. Use the penis as a toy
    The penis is not only used to penetrate and be sucked: it can have many other tasks in the sexual act. Since it is the main erogenous zone in men, it can be used as if it were a dildo to stimulate the clitoris of women, without having to engage in the usual “in-and- out.”
  13. Try the coital alignment technique
    This position (one of the most interesting “new” sexual practices ) basically consists of a variation of the missionary, only instead of penetration, the man moves a few centimeters more so that he rests on the shoulders of his partner and his partner. penis stimulates the woman’s clitoris. Her legs should remain straight while the man surrounds them with his own, although it is possible that she also surrounds the man with her legs. Instead of performing an inside-out movement, as in conventional vaginal sex, an up-and-down movement is performed. This is a particularly interesting position for women who have difficulty achieving a vaginal orgasm, that is, almost all of them .
  14. Don’t be afraid of toys
    Sex toys are the instruments we have most at hand to very easily increase satisfaction in our encounters but, despite this, many couples are still afraid to use them. “Some guys think that bringing toys into the bedroom is some kind of threat to their manhood,” says Gigi. And they don’t know what they’re missing.